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PlasmERG (Iowa) was John Rohner's original company that embraced
Rohner's Plasmic Transition Discovery. in 2008.

PlasmERG (Iowa) was subject to HOSTILE Taken Over in mid February 2011, By Dr Michael Girouard, of Let's Get Thin MD, another "weight loss Multimillionaire",
Threatening Rohner with bodily harm if he did not provide the company to him, AFTER HE SAW A RUNNING ENGINE! Proving the technology sound.

     Girouard had invested $100,000 in PlasmERG (Iowa) in 2009 and got greedy or better said MUCH MORE GREEDY After he showed his true colors we found out who his "partners" were.

     In July of 2009, Dr Michael Girouard Invested 100,000 dollars of his stockholders monies in the project. He also invested for his ex wife and girldfriend another $25,000, we will be nice and not show who got what!!!

     He had signed the same Non Disclosure and no Compete contract that all did.
     In January of 2011 Dr Girouard Broke his contracts with PlasmERG IOWA, and formed his own company with another 500,000+ dollars of stockholders funds, with Klosterman, the other co founder, with Robert Rohner, of the infamous "Clean Energy Inc" (CEI) company that scamed and basivally stole (and merrily spent) millions of dollars or their victim investors, monies for over 15 years. A few weeks later Girouard, in February, ordered Rohner out. His NEW company was provided all the IP from PlasmERG.
     PlasmERG Iowa is "inactive" but be advised that PlasmERG is still an active company, under Girouard. can be sued.

     PlasmERG Iowa, which had run an engine, as Girouard well knows, was/is, from May 2011 to current, still trying to get something to work by copying the actual discoveries and developments from Inteligentry, which Rohner started afresh after being "kicked out" of his company and carefully did not duplicate any of the PlasmERG IP instead simply redesigning it based opn his knowledge and new developments and removed what was known to be problems. The plan to grab all things, copy and compete with Rohner's new corporation "Inteligentry" has not produced any results.

     The plan to grab Rohner's filed patent did not happen so "patent Trolls", people that attack a patent to run the inventor out of money, did work and the patent, which was Published and supposed final was quashed. All to no avail since the Girouard group, which includes CEI and the "Rohner Group", spent many thousands of dollars on their hired Patent "Hawks", attorneys, that are really are TROLLS, a low form of back biter, to create problems that Rohner, with the help of the SEC FREEZE on any funds, finally had to give up for lack of money. However Rohner did publish and therefore reserved that information for safe keeping as "prior Knowledge".

     NOW PlasmERG IOWA is simply a LOST WANNABE trying to COPY and COMPETE with the REAL thing. Simply COMPETITION for the TECHNOLOGY developed by Rohner and Now his partners all over the world who are working with Rohner to finish the path to production.

     PlasmERG Iowa, under John Rohner, was the "Research & Design", "Consulting" and Engineering company that had the "EXPERT", of "Associated Technologies" and whose mission was to make ANY NEW "PLANET SAVING" technology available to all manufacturers.
     Remember it was John Rohner's controller design, that Tom Rohner Built and Tom Miller programmed (with John's Help) that made the "certified" Papp International engine, designed by Joseph Papp and manufactured by "Rohner Machine Works" engine work.
     A feat Robert Rohner, using a controller of his design, relays, and Klosterman, or even CEI, has yet to accomplish in 30 years and over 18 million dollars scamed.


Documents and videos of things

     REMEMBER: John Rohner filed the first of his provisional patent applications November 2008.

Here is the ORDER from Girouard to get out or get hurt
or Get sued for years and go to jail.
Sound familiar with the SEC help?

order throwing Rohner Out

Here is the US DISTRICT COURT of IOWA documents where Giroaurd sued himself and Won.
Rohner tried to join to get paid but was not allowed.

Iowa case documents

History with HITS and MISSES

     Here is Heinz Klosterman, of Girouard, Klosterman and R. Rohner, and CEI. showing off what he has spent Girouards last over $500K and the Millions raised by CEI on.

     Notice the next new name for his string of companies, like the base Clean Energy Inc. (CEI) scam that the now Girouard group is using.

     Here is Robert Rohner of Rohner Group or "Girouard, Klosterman and R. Rohner", and CEI. showing off the "single" cylinder coils at work.
Until John Rohner proved this was possible Robert swore, since 1982, that it had to be 3 or 4 coils.
Now Robert Rohner continues to use these copied coils and states HE created them.

     Here is a picture of one of the Papp International engines showing the profusion of coils.
for comparison, this was/is Robert Rohner's project to recreate a known bad design as the "seals" ar known bad by Robert and thus the engine is DOOMED to short runs.


     Notice that on 01/09/2013 Klosterman did state, in his post on energeticforum_Klosterman Status
1. That he was running a engine on plain air. so there was no need to mix noble gases.
2. That he worked with Bob Rohner in 2005, actually he and Bob were the "founders" of Clean Energy Inc (CEI) which from 1983 to curent raised and spent over $18 million dollars,
     Recently adding Girouard after Girouard grabbed John Rohner's PlasmERG Iowa company and all it's IP and an additional half a million plus dollars.
So Klosterman has made plenty for his pocket as has Robert Rohner and now with Girouard they are again trying to dominate the development with fake patents.
     Klostermans original patent is a joke was not supported by any research he did but rather from letters between him and Papp and no actual engine was ever produced to prove it. Even though he has stated many times that he did have one running or ready for production etc. None has ever been seen.
     Notice that on January 1, 2013 Klosterman states he is "ready to mass produce engines in a year", knowing that Girouard and the SEC would "Remove" Inteligentry, which already was in the real final stages.
     It looks as if the Girouard group was serious about grabbing the Inteligentry developments and producing them.
     Klosterman has nothing but what he has scammed or copied from John Rohner, Papp or the University of Missouri. The source for his current patent.

Fake Patents being applied as if real.

     The Girouard, Klosterman, R Rohner group has threatened many others with suits of "Patent Infringement" because they fluffed into patents based on lack of actual discovery and prior knowledge.

the first patent. Based on letters from Papp to Klosterman.

     the Girouard Group filed the second patent #US20140175940 based not on work done by Klosterman but by work developed and shown by the University of Missouri in April 15th of 2013

here is the actual article. University Of Missouri article
which demonstrates the process that Klosterman says he developed and obtained a patent for.
Incase they ever try to sue it will easily be thrown out for "prior Knowledge.

     John and Connie, after Bob Rohner stole $39,000 from Connie, (his sister-in-law), found a nice home in South English, bought it with some of her remaining funds from the sale of her home in PA and the Governments "First time buyer" of $8000 and moved there. The garage was converted to a "shop" and development started using the open weekends John had. He was contracted to "Future Combat" a multi billion dollar project the government was doing. From his salary, and savings, John bought all the test equipment, computers etc. needed to start the process and he found good partners to machine parts etc. John Rohner was the sole source of funding. This drained over $100,000 out of his savings.


     Here is what is due his ex workers and people that helped John out.



Order out and such Girouard, to seal the deal then Sues himself and by June owns PlasmERG Iowa via this "hostile takeover". Iowa court case



    Be sure to Enjoy Life ... it is GOD's, by whatever name, greatest gift to YOU.